IPC Tests

Tests are not obligatory, but we do encourage all members to prepare for them.  You'll learn a lot, but equally importantly , you'll get to know the other members your age and you'll have lots of fun!
There is a minimum age for each test.  You are eligible to take the E test once you are six, the D test the year you turn eight, the D+ the year you turn ten, the C the year you turn twelve, the C+ the year you turn fourteen and the B the year you turn sixteen.  Members are eligible to sit the Riding and Road Safety test in the year they turn 12 and must have passed it in order to be awarded the C+ test.
We usually organise training for the E, D, D+, C, and C+ tests in the Spring. 
 B, B+ and H training is organised on an Area 5 basis, and usually takes place from May to September each year.  
Riding and Road Safety training usually takes place in November every second year, so will not be run by our Club again until Winter 2019. Members who missed it in winter 2017, and who need to do it, can contact our D.C. about the possibility of training with another Club.