Changes of Governance 2017

To read a report of the 2017 Irish Pony Club Annual Conference click on the link below-

Below is an extract from the report on the New Governance Structure-

Dr. Kate Harvey, Chairman of Dressage and Combined Training made a presentation on the new governance structure planned for the Irish Pony Club.  This was the result of nearly five years of consultation and discussions amongst various committees within the IPC.  The new Constitution will be very much more inclusive and give the power within the organisation to the District Commissioners who represent the parents of members and thus back to the grass-roots.  Each Branch will now elect one DC to be a Member of Company (not to be confused with the children who are members of the Branch), these DCs will attend the AGM of the IPC CLG and among the other usual rights of Company Members/Shareholders they will vote to elect two District Commissioner-elected Directors.  Furthermore, the DCs will be represented on the Board of Directors by one Area Representative, who will be elected by the Area Reps from the nine geographic Areas of the country.  They will also have a voice on the Board via the Chairman of Discipline-elected Director (elected by the five discipline Sub-Committees namely; Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Tetrathlon, Mounted Games).  The Board will be further made up by the Chairman of Equestrian Executive Committee, the Training Chairman, the Finance Chairman, the Treasurer (to be appointed by the Board) and five ‘Sitting Board Members’).  Mr. Victor Clarke (Clarke Jeffers & Co. Solicitors) was present and he explained that the ownership of the Company is now in the hands of the District Commissioners who will make up the majority of the Members/Shareholders of the Company.  While the principles of the new Constitution have been agreed there are a number of legal issues to be ironed out e.g. Shareholders Agreement which each DC & Member of the Company will have to sign, the new Audit and Nominations Committees and Treasurer to be appointed.  It is expected all of this will be in place for the 2018 AGM of the IPC CLG.