Photos of Camp 2015

20/11/2015 13:12

Mark O’Gorman’s stunning  group and individual photos of the last day of Summer Camp 2015 are now available to purchase.  They may be viewed at the following link:

When you open an album ( each instructor has own album ) the name of the photo appears when you hover over the image e.g. Pony Club-144 etc etc 


1x   12x8 photos is 10.00
2x  12x8 are 20.00
3 x 12x8 are 25.00
4 x 12x8 are 30.00
10x8 photos are 7.00
5x7 photos are 5.00

Digital prints will be  automatically sent to members e mail addresses once they order the hard copy . To order photos please send
Name, number of photo , size and how many photos are required to Celine on 086 8365769
Payment to Celine