Summer Camp 2022


We are so grateful to Eddie & Ursula McDonagh and family for welcoming us to their farm in Bealnamorrive for Camp 2022.

The postcode for the house across the road from the farm is P12Y267. Camp will be signposted from each direction as you approach. On the google maps image below X marks the house with the above postcode. The red pin and numbered fields are the location of camp 2022 !

This year Camp runs from Sunday 3rd July until Friday 8th July. To stay at Camp every night, you must be over 12, in secondary school and a member for at least a year. Residential campers provide their own accommodation (usually a tent, caravan or horsebox). You may arrive with your accommodation from 5pm on Sunday evening. Those attending on a daily basis should arrive no later than 9.15am each morning, in order to be ready to ride for 10am. 

All ponies can stay at camp in stables which will be part of the cost of camp for each member. Any Ponies not staying overnight must be collected by 4.00pm, as we cannot have ponies left on the picket line any later for safety reasons. Day Campers are welcome to stay for dinner and evening activities, but must be collected by 9.00pm latest please, as we will not have adequate adult supervision for the under 12's after that. 

Please Note:- 

We cannot cater for special dietary requirements, but a microwave will be available if parents want to supply their own food .

Any resident Camper leaving Camp temporarily must be signed out by a parent and signed back in again with the supervisors on duty.

All ponies must have an up to date vaccination and worming record, (receipts will do to prove worming), which must be sent to the Committee in advance of camp commencement.


Sunday Afternoon

Everyone required to finish preparations. There will also have been preparation days in advance of camp.

Sunday Evening

Residential Campers arrive

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Please be ready to ride - ensure you arrive in time to be tacked up and waiting for your instructor at 10am

Catered Lunch (no need to bring your own)

Please be tacked up and ready to ride.

Riding Activities finished

Evening meal (all campers welcome to attend)

Activities will be arranged for the campers in the evenings and all members are welcome to attend. Thursday evening will include a camp BBQ where all campers and their families are invited to attend.

Friday Afternoon

Everyone required to help clean up and pack away so that we can leave the McDonagh family farm as we found it.

Parental Information

Camp is a HUGE undertaking for the club and we need each and every family to help make it happen. There are jobs for all, from field and site preparation, supervision, marque duty etc, etc. A full list of help needed will be prepared and each family will be asked to contribute - many hands will make the whole task more reasonable

What to Bring

For You

Skullcap, Back protector (Pony Club Standard Beta 2009/2018), Riding boots (Chaps), Jods, Comfortable top (ideally long sleeves), gloves, whip, face mask, Sun Screen

For your pony

Hay/Haylage, Bucket for water, Grooming kit, Head collar & lead rope, Fly spray, Saddle, Bridle, Cooler/Sweat rug

Important Safety Notices

  • No lunging
  • No member to mount without instructors permission
  • All ponies to be watered at lunch time and fully untacked.
  • No haynets are to be used on the picket line - all ponies are to be fed their hay/haylage loose.
  • Remember your sun screen and your pony's if he needs it