Photo gallery

Muskerry Pony Club members have been having fun for years. We are very proud that we have over a decade of photos in our photo archive. We are currently in the process of migrating these photos from our old website to this our updated website. We might even try to digitalise our older photos too, so watch this space......

2019 Christmas Party

2019 Halloween Party 

(No Ponies this year!)

2019 Muskerry B Testers

July 2019 Jumps Ahead Final

Cork Showgrounds

2019 Camp

We didn't know it at the time but this was our last in Carrigdarrery

June 2019 - Area5 Qualifiers


June 2019 - Jumps Ahead Qualifier


June 2019 - Fun & Games

Mounted Games Rally

May 2019 - Jumps Ahead Qualifier


May 2019 - Unmounted Fun Day

May bank holiday Monday - Ballyhass

Just in case you are in any doubt - YES it was FREEZING!!!

April 2019 - Fun & Games

Combined XC and Pony Games Rally

April 2019 - Area5 Dressage Day

April 2019 - C Testers

April 2019 - C+ Test

April 2019 - Final C+ Prep

2019 - XC Training Farrengalway

March 2019 - XC Training Killeady

2019 D/D+ Testers

2019 Aherla Huntertrials.

2019 Jonathan Willis Clinic

2018 Christmas Party

2018 - Muskerry B Testers

2018 Summer Camp