Our Activities

Our members enjoy many activities across the year - we don't manage to do everything every year but we sure do try!!!

Summer Camp

The highlight of the year is summer camp. Held for one week in July each year it is a special week creating memories to last a lifetime. More information on the Summer Camp page


The highlight of the pony club might be camp but the heart of the pony club is the pony club rally. A chance for our members to meet, learn and have fun. We have general rallies but also have rallies focused on different aspects such as cross country, dressage, showjumping etc.

We operate a strict 5 rally rule which means all members must attend 5 rallies before they can attend camp - you can of course (as many do) attend way more!!

Pony Club Tests

The Pony Club is about developing the members skills as riders as well as their ability to train and care for their pony and equipment. The Pony Club tests start at the very accessible E standard (rarely examined) and progress through D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, H and A. There is also the very important Riding and Road Safety test which needs to be completed before a member can take their C+ test. Each spring we arrange preparation rallies for D, D+, C and C+. Preparation for higher tests is usually done in conjunction with other pony clubs in our area.


Our members love the challenge of solid fences on a Crosscountry course. Each spring we arrange a number of Crosscountry Rallies. These allow our members get to know the most popular crosscrountry courses in our area. There are regular crosscountry events in Spring and Autumn and crosscountry is an element of both One Day Events, the Minimus and Tethathalon.


Dressage develops obedience, flexibility and balance in both horse and rider. Good dressage skills feed into all other disciplines. 

The pony club offer pure dressage competitions at a national level but most members use their dressage skills when competing in One Day Events (Dressage, Cross Country, Showjumping) or Combined Training (Dressage & Showjumping)


Our Club has a strong background in showjumping and has competed with success at national level. At national level there are both team and individual showjumping competitions with the finals being held in the late summer. In our own area we organise and run our popular "Jumps Ahead" league which runs in May, June and July. 

Pony Games

Mounted Games are a team competition that require all round riding ability & super skilled ponies. Teams of four riders and ponys compete against each other. Each year there are local competitions that allow pony clubs qualify for national competitions. We don't always manage to get a pony games team together each year but when we do - it is always fun for all.

Minimus & Tethlathalon

Two great events that allow members to combine their equestrian skills with running, swimming and shooting (Tetrathlon). There are a number of local events and a national competition. The challenge is to complete  a cross country course with some additional obstacles as well as a swimming and running challenge. Older members are challenged further with a laser shooting requirement - All round skills for sure!!

Christmas Party

A fun day just before Christmas for all our members. Members love adding a bit of sparkle to their ponies - the more sparkle on the better!! 

The challenge is a show jumping course ranging from cross poles for our youngest members to 1.10m for our older members. 

Everyone loves the accumulator round where a head for maths as well as a steady hand on the rein is required!

Unmounted Days Out

We know the pony club is about friendships as much as ponies. So we try to arrange regular days out without ponies. Although we can't be sure that all the chat is pony-free!!