Important Information

Four Cardinal Rules

1: Safety

Safety is our primary concern. Riding is a risk sport so children attending rallies must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the training. Our insurance only covers the member attending the training so no other person is permitted to ride. Please remember that you should not mount your pony at a rally until asked to do so by the instructor. Space is usually limited, so any lunging of ponies should happen at home and is not permitted at the rally venue. Your tack / riding gear must conform to Pony Club standards - see IPC website for recently updated safety standards. Skull hats must be worn on cross country.

2: Consideration

Rallies are usually held at venues provided by the generosity of friends of the Club. Please take care to respect their properties and make sure that you adopt a "leave no traces" approach to litter/animal fouling. Please make sure to be punctual also, leaving plenty of time to tack up ahead of your start time.

3: Five rally rule

Summer camp is the highlight of the Club year. To be eligible for Camp, members must have attended a minimum of five mounted rallies since the previous year's Summer Camp.

4: Respect

Treat all members, officials, instructors, judges, selectors, and participants with Respect 

Information Sheet for New Members

The downloadable document below gives great information to our new members regarding the pony club and its activities. This information is also available on the Information for New Members page