E/D/D+ Training 

for 7 - 10 yr olds

with separate ride for older new members

(who need this test to do 12+ tracks at Pony Club events) 

starting at Carrigdarrery, Lissarda on Sat morning 26 Jan

and continuing every Saturday morning until Test on 16 Feb

Fun and learning! 15 euro approx a session.

Names to Roisin on 086 3522177 asap

Directions to Carrigdarrery.docx (12617)




C+ Training at Carrigdarrery, Lissarda

starting afternoon of Sat 26 Jan

and continuing for 10 weeks approx

with XC training on 2 local H.T. courses

and SJ training at Lee Valley 

Sessions 90/120 mins 15 - 25 euro

Names asap to Roisin on 086 3522177 







Congrats to Elena and Heather who passed their IPC B+ teaching examinations at Gurteen College recently!


Thinking about joining Muskerry Pony Club?


Sign up now on the Muskerry page of itsplainsailing.com and you can participate in all Club activities from the 15th October 2018 and all throughout 2019, until 30 Jan 2020.



Six Muskerry members pass their IPC B Test

Congratulations to our  six senior members  - Amy, Gaby, Molly, Nell, Sandy and Stephanie - who all passed their B test last Sunday.  And a big thank you to their dedicated instructors Marie Hennessey and Niamh Morrisson.



Important Notice

The new IPC standard for back protectors is BETA Level 3 (purple) 2009 Standard or any later revision.

Members will not be allowed to participate in any IPC Test or competition without one. 

Avoid added stress on those big days and check your back protector now!





At least one parent of each Muskerry Pony Club Member must be Garda vetted.  This is not a complicated process.  As per the new rules outlined below, get  your documents proving your identity verified by our D. C. (Roisin). Then download the Invitation to Vetting form by clicking below (ignore the other forms), complete the Invitation to Vetting and forward to the Irish Pony Club at the address supplied on the form with your verified documents proving your identity.  Once your identity has been verified, the process  may then be completed online.  

Many thanks!


With effect from January 2018, The Irish Pony Club will move fully to E-Vetting meaning that paper-based Garda Vetting forms will no longer be accepted.


Please Note:

Original documents to be used to verify your identity and current address.  These documents must be shown to the person approved to verify your identity.  Photocopies of these documents must then be signed and dated by the officer verifying your identity.  The Invitation to Complete Garda Vetting and photocopies of the identification documents must be posted to the Irish Pony Club office (not e-mailed).

Identification can be verified by one of the following:-  DC, Secretary, Branch Children’s Officer, Area Rep, Executive Committee, Guard, Solicitor, Irish Pony Club staff member.